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We are life-long bike revelers—a mix of dirt-bag bikers, die-hard creators, and business people. Since we’re rider-owned and privately-funded, we can do what we want. So we launched Revel Bikes to support our passion and achieve this goal: to build the absolute best full-suspension mountain bikes—ever.

We’ve recruited a team of industry icons to do it.

Adam Miller, the owner and deep-rooted bike nerd who founded two previous bike companies. Jeremiah Starkey, former lead engineer at RockShox and Trust Performance, now leading all mechanical engineering aspects of our bikes (and he’s also our trusty COO). He collaborated with Chris Canfield, who designed and patented our truly magical suspension. Mike “Steezy” Giese, arguably the most talented industrial designer in the bike world, can also put any of us to shame on the bike. And he spent hundreds of hours making our products look as good as they ride. Chris Reichel helps us tell our story and keeps us having fun. Matt Drives the stoke around the country while Greg and Andy provide the very best customer service in the business.

To us, nothing beats that thrill of railing a berm or scrubbing over a jump with nothing to focus on but the trail ahead. So get on the best mountain bike and let’s go Revel the trail!

Meet the Crew

Adam Miller

Adam Miller grew up in Alaska and is a self-proclaimed bike nerd. He started his first business when he was 11— buying used bikes on Ebay or at garage sales, deconstructing them, and selling the individual components. After causing his parents a series of mild anxiety attacks in the early days by taking risks like using new services like Paypal to send money to strangers over the internet, he started steady after-school work in an Anchorage bike shop at age 14.  Adam later worked for 907 Bikes, and then founded Borealis Fat Bikes after moving to Colorado Springs. Adam sold Borealis in early 2015, spent that summer fishing and biking in Alaska, and then decided it was time to step it up and pursue a new business idea. He started a company called Why Cycles, which he still operates alongside Revel Bikes. His dream was always to make the best carbon full-suspension mountain bikes, so he started cooking up Revel Bikes in early 2016. The rest is history.

Greg Herrman

Greg Herrman has been obsessed with bikes since the early days of mountain biking in the 1980s. After a few years in the high-end technology world, he decided that working with bikes suited him a whole lot more than a stuffy corporate environment. Greg worked with Adam at Borealis Bikes after managing sales at Colorado Cyclist, SRM, and a multitude of other bike-related businesses. Currently, Greg manages all sales and customer service for Revel, even though he’s the ultimate non-sales-oriented sales guy.  With his mild-but-intelligent feedback, Greg works with customers to make sure they truly will love the bike they buy. He spends as much time as it takes to help you get the Revel of your dreams. He also moved to Carbondale to work at Revel, and is basking in the simplicity of a small town with no traffic and incredible mountain bike trails nearby. Greg also heads up all Revel wholesale accounts, so if you’re a bike shop, you’ll likely work with him to get some Revels dazzling your sales floor.

Andy Michelin

Andy is a native Coloradan who has worked in the bike industry for almost 20 years. You name it, he has probably ridden it or fixed it. Andy is also our resident espresso aficionado and takes it upon himself to ensure we have the best coffee to serve our customers (and ourselves) every morning at our espresso bar. If you give us a call, there’s a good chance Andy will pick up, and he can answer any question you might have about any bike or bike part ever made. Andy is an expert when it comes to full-suspension mountain bikes, and he’s ridden and sold just about every mountain bike that has been around since the 1980s while working at numerous bike shops—most notably Colorado Cyclist. If you have questions about how a Revel will ride compared to your 1992 GT Zaskar, Andy is your man.

Jeremiah Starkey

Jeremiah Starkey is one of the smartest, most detailed engineers in the bike industry, and has the résumé and product development history to back it up. Jeremiah and Adam are long-time friends, and he has been a major part of the engineering process with Revel since the beginning. After working for Revel on a contract basis throughout the development process, he took a leap of faith, moved to Carbondale, Colorado, and is now part owner, COO, and head engineer for Revel. He was a lead engineer at Rockshox for 10 years and most recently was director of production, research, and development at Trust Performance. He also worked in product development for Selle Royal—so to say he is a bike suspension engineergenius is an understatement. He’s the perfect addition to Revel’s all-star team.

Chris Reichel

Chris was born a New Yorker and when he decided he couldn’t stand taking public transportation for two hours to ride his bike on dirt, he decided to change things up. “So one day I just freaked out, gave all my stuff away, and moved to Arizona with two bikes and $700 in my pocket.”  After being the main marketing guy at Industry Nine, we dragged him out to Carbondale to help us build Revel. Chris is a high-achieving bikepacker, adventure cyclist, and bike journalist, who loves nothing more than to explore and share adventures focused around bikes. He has been a featured writer for numerous publications like Mountain Flyer, Freehub Mag, Adventure Journal, and many others. He has probably ridden his bike across Nepal and Mexico more times than most people. Don’t let the bikepacking style fool you—Chris grew up racing downhill on the East Coast and can rally a Rail down a jump line with all the style.



Jordan Haffener

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jordan’s love of adventure started at a young age. From the time he could walk he was outside playing, climbing, building, and investigating everything. After buying his first bike in middle school to ride to and from school, Jordan was hooked on bikes.  His obsession with all things bikes led him to study mechanical engineering at Kansas State University where he also race road, cyclocross, gravel, and mountain bikes through the KSU cycling team and worked part-time in a local bike shop. After graduating from college, Jordan and his future wife moved to Anchorage, Alaska to chase the great outdoors (and work). When the opportunity to join the Revel team presented itself, Jordan and his wife jumped at the bit to move back to the lower 48.  When not at work or on a bike, Jordan can be found packrafting whitewater, skiing in the backcountry, tele skiing at the resort, or climbing some ice or rock and will likely have his two English bulldogs in tow.


Matt Boughton

Matt was born and raised in Colorado right here in the Roaring Fork Valley that Revel calls home. You could say he’s the token “Local” of the bunch. Working in bike shops since he was 14, Matt is no stranger to the bike industry at this point. He’s moved away from the valley several times over the years to pursue a career in the bike industry with brands like Borealis and Pivot Cycles only to find himself returning to where it all started. “Everything I need is right here!” he says, pointing to the surrounding wilderness, “I’ve got all these mountains, rivers and open space to explore. Working at Revel in a place like this is just the icing on the cake.” Matt is a true bike nerd at heart so coming on as the Purchasing & Inventory Manager at Revel has been a perfect fit. Off the bike and out of the office Matt can be found snowboarding, hiking, camping and fishing with his Wife Katy and Pug Tank.

Drew Huemmler 

Drew was born and raised in Pennsylvania and grew up playing Ice Hockey and Rowing. It wasn’t until he attended Colorado College that he found mountain biking and shifted his focus to facilitate as much riding as possible.  After school, he pursued the dirtbag dream in Carbondale working at Ragged Mountain Sports where he successfully convinced the crew of climbers that biking was in fact cool. His first job in the bike industry was at a bikepacking bag start up, Defiant Pack. As fortune has it, Why Cycles / Revel Bikes moved in across the parking lot. If you have a Why Cycles frame bag, Drew sewed it. During his time at Defiant, Drew was drawn to the endurance bikepack racing scene. He quickly completed the Colorado Trail Race in the notorious year of 2017 where 25% of participants finished, as well as the Arizona Trail Race 300. Keep an eye out for him at future events, smashing along in the middle of the pack and yucking it up with other racers. Now at Revel Bikes, he will be helping with wholesale accounts and customer service.

Mike Sampson

Mike is a maple syrup aficionado who grew up in New Hampshire ski racing in blisteringly cold conditions in the winters and biking with his family in the summers. After graduating from Fort Lewis College, he moved straight to Aspen and it didn’t take too long to discover Why Cycles and Revel Bikes. Mike’s been working in bike shops since the age of 14 and racing bikes all around the country while doing it. Mike is the spandex nerd of the group being an XC racer, but is no stranger to big bikes and likes to party on the way down. If you get a bike from us, there’s a good chance that Mike built it. 

Christian Terzich 

Born and raised in Chicago, Christian’s love of bikes came about while studying art in the city. In the heart of a booming fixed gear scene that went hand in hand with late nights, alley rips, music, and mischief, Christian was able to find his own, building fully custom fixies from parts to one-of-a-kind paint jobs that reflected city life and the seedy culture it embodied. After moving to Colorado to chase deep powder turns and mountain lines, he discovered his affinity for nature, full suspension bikes, and the sweet, sweet taste of dirt. With days spent shralpin’ berms, casting lines, or simply staring at the clouds, he finds it hard to imagine going back to city life; especially one without mountain bikes, the shared love and appreciation for the sport, and the friendships and community that are born of it.

Commitment To Sustainability

Here at Revel, our goal is more than simply designing and sharing amazing bikes that we love to ride. And it’s more than merely trying to offer the best customer service and purchasing experience possible. Our higher goal is to go home every day and feel good about ourselves, and that goes one step further – we want to find balance for ourselves and others by making this world a better place by any means we are able.

To that end, we are committed to having the most environmentally-sustainable business we possibly can.  We recycle all inbound cardboard and plastic that comes to our office, and we don’t use plastic and paper ware in our office break room.  Adding to that, we choose to work with a manufacturer that abides to these principles too. They are committed to recycling scrap carbon, minimizing or eliminating the use of harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process and recycling and disposing of shop items responsibly.